Airtm is launching its new Enterprise Platform

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  • With the platform, enterprises can send and receive payments worldwide, enabling them to expand their global business using a single account.
  • This new product is a low-cost solution that can provide enterprises with unparalleled access to Web 3.0.
  • Thanks to this solution, companies will have independence and freedom to carry out their mass payroll payments.

Airtm, the worlds most connected digital dollar account, primarily working with LatAm, South Asia and Africa markets, is announcing the launch of its new self-service Enterprise Platform. With this cutting-edge platform, enterprises can effortlessly send and receive payments worldwide, enabling them to expand their business and tap into the vast potential of the digital economy.

This new solution enables businesses to instantly distribute, or collect, payments from over 100 countries without the need for their own foreign exchange or local banking connections. On average, enterprises can send payments to global account users within 6 minutes and for under 5% fee end-to-end, through Airtms Enterprise Platform*.

Airtms global community of millions of account users, referred to as digital entrepreneurs, also have access to more than 400 payment rails for adding and withdrawing funds locally, including through Airtms proprietary automated peer-to-peer marketplace. Thanks to this, businesses can instantly collect or distribute international payments in over 100 markets, including micro-payments as low as $0.10. Also, by integrating with Airtm, businesses will get a customized growth plan to help them expand to countries where they are limited by lack of payment infrastructure and rails and will receive access to Airtms community of a million digital entrepreneurs.

This new platform empowers enterprises to have freedom over their payment processes. Whether they need to pay a few individuals or a large group, there are no minimum or maximum limits. They can either use this new self-service platform to manually make their payments with simplicity and ease or automate the whole process using Airtms API and services.

Partnerships and Previous Results: A Closer Look

Airtm has been in the market for 8 years. Throughout this time, the company has specialized in offering financial freedom by connecting local talent with the global market. It serves as a bridge for individuals who receive payments in digital currencies. Thanks to this experience, Airtm has managed to develop a payment infrastructure in emerging markets where finding a partner in the digital economy ecosystem is difficult.

In recent years, we have observed a growing trend of companies seeking to hire remote collaborators, regardless of their physical location. Given this evolving landscape, we have recognized the considerable challenges that companies face when it comes to paying a growing population of users. Therefore, we saw an opportunity to become allies by assisting them in processing their massive payroll payments and helping them out to expand their business, mentioned Ruben Galindo, Airtms CEO.

With this innovation, the company is establishing the necessary infrastructure to facilitate international payments in the global digital economy. In fact, to date, over one hundred companies have used Airtm to process their mass payments. Also, the platform offers process automation thanks to the onramp infrastructure provided by different partners. We aim for the Enterprise product to stand out due to its transaction speed, enabled by connections with other payment methods and peer-to-peer functionality, Ruben added.

About Airtm and enterprise

Airtm is one of the most connected digital dollar accounts in the world. It aims to connect emerging economies with the global market, eliminating borders and reducing fees. It is a North American company that operates simultaneously in more than 190 countries worldwide and has hundreds of thousands of monthly active users. With Airtm, users can access a wide range of payment solutions, including the ability to send, receive, and withdraw funds internationally at competitive rates.

Airtm currently supports over one hundred enterprise clients executing millions in payments per month. Most of Airtms clients are far outside of the cryptocurrency or blockchain space. They include non-profits, tasker companies and AI companies to name a few.

*Enterprise platform services are subject to certain limitations and eligibility criteria.

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