Messi’s Sneak Peek of Planet ReFi Collectibles Sends Shockwaves Worldwide

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In a bid to address the planet's mounting sustainability challenges, global football icon Lionel Messi recently shared an Instagram post where he can be seen opening a box with "Join the Planet" emblazoned on it, hinting at an upcoming initiative.

The caption read, "Coming soon @PlanetReFi," revealing his partnership with the platform.

Messi's anticipated celebrity-backed collectibles, in collaboration with Planet ReFi, are set to launch soon. This move signifies the growing alliance between global celebrities and innovative solutions targeting the world's most pressing issues.

These efforts by a renowned figure like Messi underscore the scale and urgency of the global predicament. After all, if one had to pinpoint the most significant concern Earth and all its inhabitants face, it would undeniably be sustainability challenges due to their social, economic, and environmental repercussions.

Given the magnitude of these concerns, theres a need for a watertight holistic solution. And Planet ReFi aims to achieve just that. It utilizes the power of blockchain technology to its fullest, leverages the fandom of global celebrities in the optimal way possible, and structurally rewards every recognizable effort toward mitigating sustainability challenges.

Why Collectibles?

The long-ranging vision of Planet ReFi is to use Web 3.0 features as efficiently as possible so that it creates a sustainable revenue model out of the combination of real-world assets and global celebrities. And what could be better than collectibles here?

Planet ReFi leverages physical collectibles, mystery boxes, and exclusive NFTs as tools for funding the DAO, generating income, and funding the ecosystem as investments.

Although the excitement these collectibles generate would become evident as and when they become public, they play a key role in Planet ReFis flywheel model at a broader level.

Revenue earned from these collectibles would go into funding the cause and ensuring that every purchase creates a positive impact, snowballing into something much more than the mere sum of its parts.

Planet ReFi: Set to Change the Game

Having reached a milestone with Lionel Messis upcoming collectible launch, Planet ReFi aims to revolutionarily disrupt the US$300 billion Green Tech market with a sustainable annual revenue model of US$100 million+.

This ambitious vision doesn't stop there. Planet ReFi will next launch Mystery Boxes, designed with inclusivity in mind, providing equal opportunities for everyone to access Planet ReFis unique collectibles. Expanding on that offering, there will also be a series of exclusive NFTs featuring rare artworks accompanied by concealed real-world assets.

One could say that the latest launch is only an exciting spark that would set a grand firework in motion in the days to come!

About Planet ReFi

Planet ReFi is an ecosystem harnessing the power of the blockchain to address pressing social and sustainability challenges, paving the way for a more transparent and sustainable future. Planet ReFi has unveiled its mission towards global good as outlined by 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These goals address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges facing our world to promote sustainable development holistically.

Planet ReFi is using the power of celebrity and fandom to mobilize the world to address global challenges, with the world's biggest celebrities backing sustainability projects dear to them through the platform. Planet ReFi wants to move the sustainability space from short-term funding to viable long-term revenue streams that can power campaigns for a better future.

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