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Enhancements in Object Removal and More in PhotoPro AI 1.1.0

Beekman, New York Oct 24, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – AVCLabs, a pioneer in the realm of artificial intelligence and multimedia software, has just announced the release of PhotoPro AI version 1.1.0, a substantial upgrade to their advanced photo editing software. This new version 1.1.0 boasts a significant enhancement of the object removal feature, the introduction of the Ultra Definition model, and the integration of TensorRT models.

Highlights of PhotoPro AI Version 1.1.0

Big Improvements in Object Removal Feature

The most notable enhancement in this update is the object removal feature. Compared to its predecessor, the new version delivers a natural and flawless result as if the removed object does not exist at all. This is achieved by introducing a more sophisticated and trained AI model to analyze thousands of adjacent pixels and intelligently fill them in. You just need to choose the object you want to remove with a brush or other available tools, and the AI will take care of the rest. With the new version, everyone with a digital camera can edit amazing shorts. No need for professional skills or expensive editing software.

Addition of Ultra-Definition Model

Another noteworthy update is the addition of a new ultra-definition model for the Enhance feature. While the previous version only offers Standard Definition and High Definition options, the new model helps elevate your photos to unprecedented clarity.

Deployment of TensorRT Models

To enhance the overall performance and user experience, AVCLabs has also integrated TensorRT models into PhotoPro AI in this new version. The deployment of these models significantly improves processing speed, allowing users to edit their photos faster and more efficiently. With this update, AVCLabs ensures that users can enjoy a seamless editing experience without any unnecessary delays.

More Features of PhotoPro AI

Since its release, PhotoPro AI has been a game-changer in the photo editing landscape. It offers a comprehensive suite of editing features such as object removal, deblurring, upscaling, background removal and replacement, color adjustment, and human face restoration. Leveraging artificial intelligence, PhotoPro AI streamlines the traditional editing workflow, making it as easy as a breeze.

Inpaint: This feature allows you to remove distracting elements from your photos.

Matting: This tool isolates an object against a transparent background, which you can replace with a pure color or a user-defined picture.

Upscale: This feature lets you increase the photo size by up to four times while maintaining high quality.

Enhance: Similar to the Upscale tool, Enhance improves photo quality by intelligently removing artifacts, deblurring, and sharpening while preserving the original resolution.

Colorize: This tool adds colors to black and white photos, with a slider to control the degree of colorization.

Stylize: This feature lets you personalize your photos with artistic effects using various available templates.

Adjust color: This function allows you to improve colors such as saturation, brightness, contrast, etc.

Coming Up Next

Following up to this upgrade, there are a few exciting features we can look forward to in its future roadmap. For example, a text-based generative AI, lets you use a prompt to add or modify elements in an image. Simply mask an object, give it a description of what you want to replace it with, and the generative AI will create a whole new object based on your text prompt. Suppose the image is a man holding an apple in his hand, you want to replace the apple with an orange, your prompt would be “an orange” for replacement.

Great photos do not always belong to those with great equipment and editing expertise. PhotoPro AI lowers the barrier for anyone who are interested in the craft and is also robust enough for professionals. Available for use on both Windows and Mac platforms, PhotoPro AI is a versatile solution for all your photo editing needs. Visit the product page to learn more about this innovative tool and embrace a new world of editing possibilities.

About AVCLabs

AVCLabs is a leading developer of multimedia software, dedicated to providing creative and productive AI video and photo editing tools that enhance workflow. With a focus on innovation and ease-of-use, AVCLabs empowers users to make complex video and photo edits simpler than ever before.

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