Whipflip Inc. Further Strengthens Partnership With JD Power

Wilmington, DE – Whipflip Inc., a leading consumer car-buying company, has announced the strengthening of its partnership with JD Power, an industry-leading data, insights, and expert personnel company. This extended partnership is poised to significantly enhance Whipflip Inc.’s expansion and growth trajectory across the United States, strengthening its position in the market.

In the announcement of this exciting partnership, Whipflip Inc., the innovative AI technology-driven consumer car buying company, highlighted the pivotal role of data, insights, and resources that they have harnessed to elevate and enhance their activities and operations. With just two years in the industry, the deep partnership has provided important solutions required to scale common business hurdles while providing a template to shape the best customer experience for car sellers across the United States.

Whipflip Inc. aims to continue maintaining its razor-thin margins, leveraging valuable insights and data from its partnership with JD Power. This collaboration remains instrumental in their pursuit of sustainable and efficient operations.

Roger Clappe, the Whipflip Inc. CEO, said: “From the very beginning when we set out on our journey to fundamentally change how anyone can sell a car in a completely frictionless manner within minutes from their driveway. We knew that we needed to partner with the best in the industry to assist us in achieving our goal. The team at JD Power has been instrumental in providing us with the data, tools, and frequent industry insights that we needed to adapt and prosper.”

Whipflip Inc. will continue to leverage the support from JD Power to fine-tune its cash for cars offer. This will not only change how people sell their cars but also ensure a reduction in the population of junk or abandoned cars in neighborhoods.

With two years of industry experience and a solid framework for how consumers can sell my car online, the company is poised and, on a trajectory, to revolutionize the consumer car buying process and experience. Vehicle owners looking to sell their vehicles to Whipflip Inc. can now experience unparalleled convenience. They no longer need to visit dealerships or deal with time-consuming negotiations. Whipflip Inc. brings the process to the sellers, significantly expediting the entire transaction.

In addition, Whipflip Inc. guarantees faster payments for all purchased vehicles, assuring sellers of the convenience and peace of mind of receiving immediate payments and securing competitive prices for their vehicles as they hand over their keys to complete the sale.

Whipflip Inc. continues to protect sellers’ experiences by offering a trusted and safe approach to car selling across the United States. They can be reached via phone at (888) 349-3189 or via email support@whipflip.com. Visit their website for more information.

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