TRON DAO Announces Game-Changing Collaboration with Tangem

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Geneva, Switzerland / November 1, 2023 / – TRON DAO, a globally recognized leader in the blockchain industry, is thrilled to announce its landmark collaboration with Tangem AG, a front-runner in the production of avant-garde crypto hardware wallets. This strategic alliance has a two-fold mission: to significantly enhance user experience and to innovate the TRON ecosystem. As a testament to this collaboration, Tangem is set to introduce a special edition of TRON-branded hardware wallets.

This collaboration promises to advance the TRON network, bringing to its users the best of both worlds. The upcoming Tangem Wallet for TRON is not just another hardware wallet; it will feature cutting-edge utilities meticulously designed for the unique needs of TRON users. Noteworthy among these features are the advanced management tools tailored for energy and bandwidth resource models. Additionally, to ensure seamless interactions, WalletConnect support is available for TRON users.

As of November 1, 2023, these state-of-the-art TRON-branded Tangem Wallets were made available. The initial release witnessed the roll-out of 1,000 wallets, specifically for the vibrant TRON community. Both organizations envision a long-term collaboration, indicating that more offerings are on the horizon.

Speaking on the development, Andrey Kurennykh, CEO of Tangem, shared, "Our relationship with TRON is not just a business collaboration; it's a vision coming to life. With the debut of TRON-branded Tangem wallets, coupled with unique network features, we aspire to be the go-to cold wallet solution for the TRON community."

Echoing this enthusiasm, TRON DAOs Ecosystem Lead, Dave Uhryniak, stated, "Aligning with Tangem doesn't only signify an innovative advancement in cold-wallet storage; it underlines our unwavering dedication to our users. Tangem stands out with its reputation for providing an unparalleled user experience. This resonates deeply with our ethos at TRON, making this collaboration a natural fit."

As one of the most formidable names in the blockchain space, TRON's alliance with Tangem is a testament to its commitment to providing its community with unparalleled functionality and a strong user experience. This collaboration serves as a beacon for whats possible when two industry giants join forces. The TRON community, along with the broader blockchain world, eagerly awaits the transformative solutions that will emerge from this engagement.


TRON DAO is a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps.

Founded in September 2017 by H.E. Justin Sun, the TRON network has continued to deliver impressive achievements since MainNet launch in May 2018. July 2018 also marked the ecosystem integration of BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized Web3 services boasting over 100 million monthly active users. The TRON network has gained incredible traction in recent years. As of October 2023, it has over 193.51 million total user accounts on the blockchain, more than 6.65 billion total transactions, and over $18.79 billion in total value locked (TVL), as reported on TRONSCAN.

In addition, TRON hosts the largest circulating supply of USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin across the globe, overtaking USDT on Ethereum since April 2021. The TRON network completed full decentralization in December 2021 and is now a community-governed DAO. Most recently in October 2022, TRON was designated as the national blockchain for the Commonwealth of Dominica, which marks the first time a major public blockchain partnered with a sovereign nation to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. On top of the governments endorsement to issue Dominica Coin (DMC), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote Dominicas global fanfare, seven existing TRON-based tokens – TRX, BTT, NFT, JST, USDD, USDT, TUSD, have been granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the country.

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Tangem AG is a Swiss tech company renowned for its exceptionally simple and secure self-custodial cold wallet. The Tangem Wallet, which is the size of a regular bank card, allows users to securely connect to the Tangem app via NFC and buy, swap, stake, transfer, and manage their crypto anywhere and at any time. Tangem Wallets most exciting features include a smart backup system that eliminates the need for seed phrases, water-and-dust proof, and a robust open-source mobile app.

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