Expanding Horizons: Glass Pool Brings Pool Services to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, FL – Glass Pool, a renowned pool service company, is expanding its services into St. Petersburg, FL. This expansion is poised to bring the benefits of Glass Pool’s expertise and top-notch services to the residents of St. Petersburg, enhancing the overall pool maintenance and care options available in the area.

Offering top-notch residential pool services, the company is staffed with trained, highly skilled, and experienced personnel adept at handling all pool maintenance needs. Fully insured, licensed, and CPO-certified, Glass Pool guarantees peace of mind to homeowners.

Besides providing weekly pool cleaning, Glass Pool Co. provides a comprehensive array of services, including inspections, pump and motor repairs, pool heater installations, and treatments for green pools, thus ensuring that all pool maintenance needs are met with expertise and efficiency.

“As a homeowner, seeing my pool turn green was a nightmare. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of green pool cleaning services, but Glass Pool transformed my doubts into trust. Their team was thorough, professional, and efficient. They made multiple visits within the week, and to my amazement, my pool was restored to its original clear, inviting state. I highly recommend Glass Pool to anyone in St. Petersburg, FL dealing with a green pool.” Said a satisfied homeowner.

Glass Pool employs a systematic approach in its weekly pool cleaning services. They begin by inspecting the pool equipment for any potential issues, followed by diligently brushing the pool walls to prevent algae build-up. Additionally, the team will thoroughly vacuum the pool, effectively eliminating debris that may have settled at the bottom. This is further complemented by gently skimming the surface with a net, to capture floating impurities. The process concludes with the careful balancing of pool chemicals to help maintain a perfect pH level in the pool.

With its expansion into St. Petersburg, residents can also access Glass Pool’s specialized green pool cleaning service. Glass Pool employs a thorough and meticulous green pool cleaning process aimed at revitalizing pools, returning them to their original pristine condition. The skilled professionals provide a dedicated service that consists of multiple visits over a week.

The process involves thoroughly brushing the walls to dislodge algae, followed by vacuuming the pool to remove the loosened algae and other debris. Additionally, the pool experts will clean pool filters to ensure that algae is removed from the filter. They will also significantly elevate a pool’s chemical levels to effectively eliminate any remaining algae, while carefully monitoring the process to avoid potential damage to the pool.

Glass Pool is located at 490 1st Ave S Suite 215, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701, USA. Residents in St. Petersburg seeking pool services can contact the team at 727-455-9630 to schedule a service. To learn more about the company’s services, visit its website at www.glasspoolco.com/locations/st.petersburg.

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